The MUN - or Model United Nations - is the oldest association of the ILERI School of International Relations. Its objective? To bring to life, through its simulations, the issues that drive UN meetings, but also to transmit the necessary tools to each person wishing to work in international relations. The association offers a fresh look at geopolitics and provides unique experiences abroad for its students!


The Paris Advanced Research Center (PARC) is a think tank established as a non-profit public interest association, committed to developing independent research and promoting the core values of the EU. The initiative aims to encourage high quality analysis and debate on social and economic challenges in Europe. Thus, in order to understand the cultural, economic and political systems in Europe, it intends to promote and support inclusive policies through research and open discussion. The think tank wishes to contribute both to Europe's relations with its bilateral strategic partners (Turkey) and to Europe's global relations with other geographical areas (Asia, Africa, etc.)


Le Supplément Enragé (LSE) is an online media that is non-partisan, collaborative and voluntary. It produces written and video content on social issues. The mission of all the editors is to contribute to the free information of citizens. Considering free information to be a constituent of democracy, the contributors of Le Supplément Enragé oppose all forms of hatred and illegitimate attempts at censorship. 


Odysseus Private Protection, Ltd. is a renowned security guard company, known for both its effective security solutions and the use of innovative technologies to protect people and property worldwide. 


Triggers Reports is a mobile security application. The Trigger's Reports mobile app was launched in January 2017. Powered by news reports from the world's leading media partners, including Agence France Presse (AFP). Trigger's Reports, allows you to be alerted to emergency situations and to be able to immediately reassure your family, your company, your colleagues, about your own health status. Available on Android and Ios.

Institut Talleyrand

The Institut Talleyrand is aimed at those who are eager to learn and curious to discover the richness of international relations.
Composed of passionate people, the Institut Talleyrand works for the promotion and development of various sectors such as geopolitics, diplomacy, defence and security, culture, digital technology, law and international economics.


The student association Déf'INSEEC is one of the many associations of the HEIP school (Hautes Etudes Internationales & Politiques).

Their objective is to introduce the world of Defence, National Security and Global Security to HEIP students through conferences, visits and various events related to Defence.

La veille francophone


La veille francophone is an initiative that started with the observation that there was no French-language monitoring site focusing on French-speaking countries and areas of tension.

The objective is to propose open source monitoring situations only, fed by a community of contributors